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When witches go riding

And black cats are seen,

The moon laughs and whispers

‘Tis near Halloween


There is one word in the dictionary that brings misunderstanding, fear, and condemnation.  That word is…



For over four centuries, those who were different were cursed with the title of witch.  Even now in the 21st century, women and children are still being hunted due to outdated religious beliefs and superstitions based around the word ‘witch.’


Not at Spooky Hollow!
Spooky Hollow is a safe place for all creatures,
not matter their beliefs.


It was during the darkest moon and a shadow less night we heard a slight whirl of the wind. This was followed by the crunch made by footsteps on a frosted ground. Out of the darkness she came as if she were the darkness herself.


“Loretta… Is my name…” said the witch with her broom in her hand and her familiar at her feet.  “I seek sanctuary… for I am of one the humans hunt. Will you please, grant me refuge?”


“Of course…” we said.  “Please come and rest here at Spooky Hollow…”


Since 2003, Loretta the Witch has made her home among the creatures who live in Spooky Hollow. Many have come far and wide to seek Loretta’s knowledge of healing herbs. No longer is she hunted and no longer is she scared, for she is well loved here.


There are many whispers upon the wind…

More witches are coming…

For on the darkest of nights...

You may see a broom in flight.


Witch at work

Pages may appear

Without Notice!

Spooky Hollow Experience Copyright Loretta the Witch

Loretta the Witch

flies in with her familiar Kitty Bonez.

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