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On this Halloween the huge addition was the use of the south part of our lawn.  We extended our decor by utilizing the entire yard.  We added an old picket fence, a cemetery sign more lights and real carved pumpkins. We also updated the tombstones with new paint and sayings. Again, we ran out of candy within an hour, proving that we were becoming the place to go to on Halloween.

Please note:  we used wild vines to add an aged effect to our Halloween scene.

Theme: Death.  Jack was in the front entry behind a desk in the dark.  As people would enter, he would turn a flash light on his face to scare them.  Gracie was dressed as death and greeted people on the side walk.

Story:  "I was standing behind the fence when this group of trick-or-treaters walked up." states Gracie.  "I was so quiet and motionless.  I had scared this poor woman.  She proceeded to walk up into the entry.  I proceeded to walk to the bottom of the stairs to watch this group in the entry.  The woman turned around and saw me.  She screamed again. It was so wonderful to know that I had done my job this Halloween."



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Spooky Hollow Experience's Gracie plays the role of Death.

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