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Spooky Hollow Experience The Legend of Skelly

In a small mid-western town in a small mid-western state,

this story takes place. 

It is a story of a boy who loved all things Halloween,

especially tricks and treats.

Not to long ago, but just far enough not to know…

a boy named Tommy lived…



Tommy was like any boy, curious about everything.  He played in puddles and splashed in the mud.  He learned to jump like a frog and hiss like a cat.  Tommy spent his summers playing outdoors from sun up to sun set.


As Summer gave way to Autumn, Tommy became very excited.  You see Halloween was his favorite holiday.  He had a black cat named Midnight and a dog named Spike, together with his red wagon they couldn’t wait for the night of fright.


Tommy begged his mom and dad each September day to bring him down to Jack’s Pumpkin Patch.  Three pumpkins he would choose direct from the field; one for each step leading to his house.


Halloween was Tommy’s Christmas and Birthday rolled up in one.  On Halloween night, with his skeleton costume on, he walked the town trick-or-treating nearly ‘til dawn.


One Halloween night, Tommy bumped into some kids.  Oh these kids were not like Tommy at all, for they hated it all.  With eggs in their hands they tossed them at anyone they could.  Their feet stomped out the jack-o-lanterns putting it to an end.  Tommy saw how these other boys were ruining it for him so he stepped up and stepped in…


The bad boys just egged the house of an old woman, wise as can be.  Just as Tommy stepped in.  “Don’t…” Tommy screamed.  “Don’t you see…it is Halloween… a time for treats!”


The boys all laughed as they threw their eggs.  “It’s Halloween!  Time for tricks…” they all said.


The boys ran when the door opened, leaving Tommy standing among the broken eggs they had just thrown.  The wise old woman grimaced as she saw what the boys had done.  She lifted her withered old hand and pointed directly at Tommy and said, “You shall pay for what you have done…not tonight my dear son.  On the day you die, you shall return to the skeleton you are and walk for eternity until you amend your evil ways…” with that she returned to her house and slammed the door tight.


Pour Tommy was heart broken.  His favorite holiday was ruined.  With shoulders slumped he returned home.  It was early in the evening when he packed his costume away, for the town would never see Tommy around on Halloween night.


The wise woman was right, two Halloween’s later… Tommy died.


Now some people cross over to the other side, but Tommy – well he stayed right here on earth.  He returned to his skeleton form only to walk a lonely path.  Each Halloween night he watched children frolic and play while enjoying the most wonderful of holidays.  With a broken heart he contemplated… “How could I amend my ways…when my ways were not evil?” he would ask.


Years passed and Tommy soon forgot all of his memories, even his name.  It is what happens when you walk the earth for so many decades.  One night not long ago, the skeleton Tommy ended up at the door of a town called Spooky Hollow.  “Welcome they all said, as they shook his hand…no name? Need not worry my lad.  We shall call you Skelly for what you are.  Welcome my son to a town of fun!” Skelly loved Spooky Hollow town as he made so many friends.  Witches with black cats, ghouls, ghosts, and other skeletons too!


Then one Halloween night, the worst came true. Skelly was celebrating with his new friends at Spooky Hollow when a bunch of boys began causing mischief.  These were not the tricks of the night, but far worse.  Destruction, theft, pushing and teasing; it was way too much.  Skelly grew angry at the sight.  He knew right then what he had to do.  He followed the boy’s home, but what could he do?


Skelly as a boy was four foot two.  But as a skeleton he was only twelve inches tall!  His anger grew and grew, what could he do?  Hiding under one boy’s bed, he mused and mused.  “If only I could grow…I would be amused.” Skelly thought. 


Skelly was about to return to Spooky Hollow when he wished upon a falling star.  “I wish I had the ability to grow so tall…so I can help change the evil ways of these boys still…” Granted was his wish and Skelly grew seven times his size.  Scared was the boy who caused so much mischief as Skelly crawled out from under the bed.  “I promise…I promise…I will never trick anyone again…” cried the boy.


Pleased with himself, Skelly returned to his normal height.  Off he went to the other two boy’s homes that night…under their beds for a scare they will never forget. 


Years passed and Skelly found his calling.  Halloween night was a night of frolicking.  One must follow the rules to have a safe night.  Because Halloween is like Christmas and Birthday all right.


This legend is true, for you can see…Skelly’s footprints in the concrete at Spooky Hollow.  So whatever you do on Halloween night, don’t cross Skelly’s path…for he might…


Be hiding under your bed when you go to bed tonight!

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