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The artisans of Spooky Hollow worked really hard this year.  All of the tombstones as well as the pit were updated.  We utilized the windows of The Rose house by placing various props in each of the windows.  The big additions this year were the guillotine, morgue sign, more tombstones, foggers, and a very large spider.

This year we gained more help from Dan, Jen and Darren, who were all in the pit dressed as vampires. This was the first year that Spooky Hollow opened with a small show.

Theme: Vampires.  While our helpers were dressed as vampires, Gracie played host at the entrance dressed as a skeleton.

Story:  Spooky Hollow was approached by a member of the village board on Halloween day requesting a building permit for the pit.  We ignored the request, believing that someone was playing a trick on us.  However, the person called it in to the county. Again, it was ignored by Spooky Hollow until 2003.


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