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Don’t be such a landlubber!  Come and welcome the pirates of the Hollow back as they make land fall this October 2017.  It has been two years since the residents of Spooky Hollow have visited the corner of 12th and Maple Street in Baldwin, Wisconsin. 


It’s all hands ahoy as we return from Davy Jones’ locker to spread our booty this Halloween.  Get your little ones dressed up and come and witness one of Western Wisconsin’s award winning Halloween Haunted displays! 


Don’t be a scallywag!  Raise up your Jolly Roger and come see The Black Scull as it comes to shore.  There be no walking the plank if ye shows up!

Return here in November to view photos of this event.

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Ghosts of The Past

Spooky Hollow Experience owners Jack and Gina Rosenquist

Jack, Gina and Boo...

The artisans / owners of Spooky Hollow Experience pose in the pumpkin patch.

Spooky Hollow Experience Boo

Spooky Hollow Experience's official mascot Boo, watches over the pumpkin stand.

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