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Nightmare indeed!


For years, the artisans of Spooky Hollow Experience have always wanted to do the theme “Welcome To My Nightmare.”  When the choice was made as to which theme would be the theme for 2014, it seemed it would be the right choice.  Little did they know that the nightmare would come true!


After a very harsh winter in 2013, The Rose (house at Spooky Hollow Experience) endured considerable damage and had to undergo some major renovations.  The nightmare began in March when the snow began to melt causing a major ice dam on the roof.  In May, the renovations began.  After three months of renovations, a difficult contractor that brought a law suit, the nightmare still continued. 


“We had a difficult time creating anything for Halloween while the remodel was going on.” tells Gracie, creator of Spooky Hollow Experience.  “I felt so bad that we really didn’t have anything new.  However, we dug deep and found many new unused props to create a haunt worthy of Spooky Hollow.  We were so excited that Halloween was going to be on a Friday this year and we could not wait!”


The nightmare continued with a late start in setting up.  This was due to the remodel of The Rose.  The remodel was not finished until November 2015.


In June, Spooky Hollow Experience was scheduled to be in the Baldwin June Bug Days parade.  Due to the remodel, the creators could not enter – but that was a good thing as rain cast over the parade.  As October 1st rolled around, Spooky Hollow Experience hosted its 5th Annual Light-Up ceremony.  Again, the rain out weighed the celebration.


“Even though it rained, we had several visitors come to our Light-Up Ceremony and Fund Raiser.” tells Jack.  “But it just wasn’t like it was in previous years…”


For a Friday night, this year’s Halloween was quite slow compared to previous years.  However, we did have lots of fun!  The night was kicked off with our annual costume contest in which the same lad won with his awesome new home made costume of a knight.  This was followed by our annual show.  This year’s show featured Jack dressed up as a clown similar to “Penniwise” character from Stephen King’s movie “It.”  Gracie played the part of a scared child.


“Everyone is afraid of clowns…” tells Jack.  “I had a lot of fun chasing people.”


The show featured Jack chasing Gracie around the graveyard while a mixed version of music, including “Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson, was playing in the background.


This year, we brought the Mausoleum back to feature two rooms inside.  One side was a little girl’s room while the reverse was a little boy’s room.  The overall theme was to feature a child’s nightmare.


The major new thing this year was the dancing pumpkins.  Spooky Hollow Experience’s pumpkin count is now up to 144.  This year we hooked all the pumpkins to a machine that made each light up with music thus creating the effect of dancing pumpkins. 


With the addition of a new porch, we were able to create a new scene using an electric chair that we made several years back.  Gracie found her childhood tricycle and brought it out for two skeletons to ride.  The horse drawn hearse as well as the horse drawn wagon returned to the haunt.  Several new props were also added. 


However, the biggest addition was a whole new crew.  Joining the Boo Crew was Crystal, Tammy, Sam and Barb who were able to bring the Mausoleum to life.


Welcome To My Nightmare!

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