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Welcome To Spooky Hollow...

The legend of Spooky Hollow began 300 years ago...

The legend states that on All Hallow's Eve,

an army of skeletons shall appear,

amongst a cemetery far or near.

From the graves it shall rise...

A keeper of souls...

It walks amonst the spirits,

looking for a soul to steal...

A new soul to bring forth amongst the dead...

Will it rise tonight?

Let us wait and see...

In 2002, Spooky Hollow was approached by a member of the village board requesting a building permit for the pit.  In 2003, Jack and Gracie worked even harder to enhance Spooky Hollow.  The main additions were an outhouse, fake pumpkins and props like a witch, gooey guy, lights and skeletons.  They made fun of the building permit request by adding a skeleton holding a sign that said "building permit."  They even wrote a letter to a local radio station, KQRS, telling the story.  The radio station read the letter on the air. The letter also asked the morning show if they wanted a tombstone made for them.  They stated 'yes.' Later that same night nearly 25 people showed up to view and show their support for Spooky Hollow. Many of the supporters requested to see the tombstone for the morning show. Gracie hurried up and made a tombstone that states 'Tom Bernard this is for you.'  In May of 2004, fellow KQ morning show host Terri Train made an appearance at a local business.  Jack and Gracie showed up with the tombstone for Terri Train to autograph.  She obliged.

Theme: The gates of Hell. In the pit, Darren was underneath a well made of wood with a demon prop.  He would push the prop out of the well as people came in.  Jen was dressed in a red robe standing next to the well.  Gracie played host as a stone creature from the grave.


The Gates of Hell

Spooky Hollow Experience permit

Spooky Hollow shows a bit of humor with Bones holding a building permit.

Spooky Hollow Experience Terri Train

Former KQRS DJ Terri Train autographs tombstone for Spooky Hollow.

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