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The clock on the wall chimes to mark the midnight hour.

A creak comes from the old hinges

on the closet door as it slowly opens.

Quieter than a mouse, he slowly emerges…

He is not your typical skeleton in the closet.

Oh, no…

He’s Mr. Bones!



Late one night in 2001, a knock came with the rattling of the door.  Eerily Gracie opened the door.  There on the other side stood a three foot skeleton.


“Hi… I dare hate to bother you so late at night.” said the skeleton.  “I fear may be lost.”


The skeleton stayed on the porch as he told his story.  He traveled from afar in search for a place to call home.  The cemetery he resided in, lost all of its appeal as the living failed to care and the cemetary gave into neglect.


He rattled his bones in a shiver as his tale continued. If only the living knew.  A change of scenery, he thought, as he hitched a ride or two.  He looked far and wide for a new place to reside. 


On a cold dark night… his ride brought him to the front door.  His name?  Why it’s Mr. Bones!


Since that fateful night, Bones has resided at Spooky Hollow Experience. Every year he makes a brief appearance.  Once... Twice... then back in the closet he goes until next year!

A laugh or two...

Will bring him through.

A shake of your hips...

Will bring a smile to his lips.

For Mr. Bones...

Loves to rattle his bones!



My name is Bones.

Welcome to Spooky Hollow Experience...

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Bones holds his favorite teddy bear.

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