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This year was the year of firsts! This year marked the first yearSpooky Hollow Experience Blood dripping that we hosted Spooky Hollow on a Friday.  The Boo Crew was prepared to entertain the large crowd that we expected.  This year the theme was “Spooky Hollow’s Night of The Vampire.”  Jack and Gracie spent the past year building several new tombstones, and a new fence for the driveway. 


“We made the driveway fence so our guests could walk up and get a 180 degree view,” stated Gracie.


The addition proved to be a worthy one.  Guests enjoyed the ability to walk up and look around.  Other additions included a sacrificial table and a skeleton horse drawn hearse.


“We finished the hearse on Halloween day,” tells Jack. “About four hours before the play.”


Gracie spent the winter creating “Woody” the woodland pumpkin creature that was in the big picture window, the crazy butcher cutting heads off, and another new witch.  Other items include a crypt with a moving lid and several new signs, including an six foot corner sign that took Gracie eight hours to hand paint.  Other items included an animated ghoul coming out of a coffin, skeletons, heads, evil dog, evil cat, to name a few.


Another first in 2008, was the addition of a play.  The Boo Crew took time out of their busy schedules to write, create and practice a ten minute play. 


The night started with a costume contest, which was very popular.  Following the costume contest was the play.  Ten minutes later, Spooky Hollow was open to all! Gracie played the part of Victoria the head vampiress.  While Jack, Jan and Matt played the parts of vampires.  Scott played the part of the drunken cemetery caretaker.  This year we welcomed Jason to the Boo Crew.  Jason played the part of an evil scarecrow located in the driveway.


Another first was the welcoming of sponsors...


Night of The Vampire

Spooky Hollow Experience TV interview

Spooky Hollow owner / creator Gracie is interviewed for cable television.

Spooky Hollow Experience Rhonda Towns

Country Music Entertainer Rhonda Towns visits Spooky Hollow.


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