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Welcome mortals... 

Let me tell you the legend of Spooky Hollow. 
It was this very night ten years ago, when a couple blew into town. 
They brought with them some creatures long forgotten,
the ghosts, and skeletons good and rotten. 
Up from the ground it rose and raised more

and more they showed and showed. 
Now ten years later it has arrived,

the biggest Halloween that this town has seen. 
As the Monsters and ghouls have been,

just ready and waiting for this very night. 
Come celebrate with us our tenth night of fright!

Jack and Gracie spent lots of hours upgrading everything.  Beginning with the tombstones, each tombstone was destroyed and rebuilt to look very authentic and made to look like real stone. 

"We toured several old graveyards and discovered some unique tombstones." states Gracie. "We then took photographs of these unique tombstones and re-created them and added our sayings to them, for the Spooky Hollow graveyard."

Another upgrade was the Cemetery sign. This was also made to look real with the addition of the two pillars as well as the iron fence and sub-pillars with gargoyles on.  Gracie extended her creative talent by creating several animatronic props including a witch that stirs a caldron, Eddie who rips his head off, Stewie from Family Guy killing Kenny from South Park, skeleton horse that turns his head, a demon who holds a talking skull and a skeleton snowman with a beating heart.

"Jan, of the Boo Crew, collects snowmen. She kept teasing me about building a skeleton snowman." states Gracie.  "So, one weekend I built one! Now, she teases me about stealing it.  Every time she comes over I have to watch so she doesn't leave with 'Frosty.'"

Update: Years later, Gracie gave Frosty to Jan as a thank you gift for helping over the years.

Another major change was the pit.  The pit gained four new walls that were made to make the pit look more like a crypt.   Jack and Gracie also added more skeletons, pumpkins, lights, pumpkin water tower, signs, buckboard, lots of coffins and a stone bridge as well as other props. 

Theme: 10 year Celebration.  Scott was dressed as a headless man while Jan played his wife who had cut off his head.  Matt was in the pit locked in a coffin.  Gracie was dressed as a ghost roaming the graveyard.  This was the one and only year, nearly every item of Spooky Hollow's collection was put out for all to see.


10 Years of Haunt

Spooky Hollow Experience watertower

Spooky Hollow Experience's water tower.

Spooky Hollow Experience Frosty the Skel-snow-man

Spooky Hollow Experience original Frosty

the Skel-snow-man

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