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On the darkest night in September,

when the moon ceases to exist…

 Spooky Hollow Experience Copyright Jack's Pumpkin Patch


Out of the silence it begins.  A slow rumbling.  Could it be thunder?  No, for it is a cloudless night.  The ground begins to shake.  Is it an earthquake?  Not in Wisconsin.  Soon the ground begins to crack.  Opening wider and wider.  From the opening slowly the vines begin to crawl.  Twirling and twisting their way out of the cracks in the earth.   Crawling across the span of Spooky Hollow.  Then silence.  For but a moment you will hear nothing.  No movement and no sound.  Just when you think it is all over, there is a loud popping sound and before your eyes hundreds of jack-o-lanterns have just arrived…


Welcome to Jack’s Pumpkin Patch!


To say Spooky Hollow never existed without a pumpkin among its décor would beSpooky Hollow Experience Copyright Jack's Pumpkin Patch stand an understatement.  For it is not Halloween with out a Jack-O-Lantern or two.  As Spooky Hollow grew over the years, so did the pumpkin patch.  The story behind Jack’s Pumpkin Patch is one to never forget.


Never say never… as the old saying goes. 

Over the years Gracie kept adding a pumpkin or two.  However, Jack was none to happy.  The pumpkins were one prop that were quite difficult to store.  Each year Jack would say “No more pumpkins, we have enough!”  While Gracie secretly added another.

In 2004, Gracie and Jack added a Pumpkin Stand.  Nonetheless, Jack kept to his saying “No more pumpkins!”


However, Jack’s dreams would soon be filled with jack-o-lanterns…


In 2010, while setting up for the theme “The Hollow” Gracie said “Let’s put all the pumpkins in one area with the pumpkin stand to make it look like a field full of pumpkins!”

Jack snarled while saying “It won't look good…” 

Gracie replied, “I don’t care…let’s do it any way!” 


Off Gracie went to set up the pumpkin stand with all the pumpkins around.  At the time, Spooky Hollow only possessed around thirty fake light-up pumpkins.  Later that night, Jack stood outside the fence and waited as Gracie flipped the switch to light the pumpkins. In awe they both stood as the magic of the jack-o-lanterns washed over them.  In the silence of the night Jack turned to Gracie and said “We need more pumpkins…”Spooky Hollow Experience Copyright Jack's Pumpkin PatchA decade later and the pumpkin patch has become Jack’s year round project. As soon as the calendar flips from July to August and on to September, Jack begins his search for his next design to carve to bring another jack-o-lantern to his patch.  How many does he have?  If you must know…well over 200 with more to go!


There is but one real one, added by Gracie each year.  Because it’s just not Halloween with out the golden glow coming from the orange gourd. 

Where is it, you may ask? 
Well where do you put your jack-o-lantern to light the path?

Spooky Hollow Experience Copyright Harry

Spooky Hollow Experience Skeleton Jack

Skeleton Jack poses with three of the pumpkins he carved.

Spooky Hollow's display contains over 200 fake light-up pumpkins.  Some of these pumpkins are hand carved by resident artisan Jack.

Do you have any fake light-up pumpkins you wish to get rid of? 
Don't just throw them...
bring them to Jack so he can add them to his ever growing pumpkin patch!

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