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Avast Ye!


What does thou see off into the horizon during a full blue moon?

It be the Black Skull!


Don’t be such a landlubber, ye seadog! Ye be walkin’ the plank for sure if ye do not come to welcome the Black Skull into Port Hollow!

The Black Skull, pirate ship, will make landfall on October 10, 2020, to batten down the hatches for Halloween!


For the past three years, the crew of the Black Skull has sailed the seven seas to gather booty to share with the scallywags visiting Spooky Hollow in 2020.  Gather ye little buccaneers to come witness one of Western Wisconsin’s award winning Halloween Haunted displays!


Hoist your Jolly Rogers and come see The Black Skull as it makes dock. 

There be no walkin’ the plank if ye shows up!


 Return here in November 2020 for pictures.

Ye must’ve been hanging from the gallows

if ye didn’t see this year’s haunt!


It was Spooky Hollow’s Artisan Gracie who came up with this year’s haunt.


“We began the month of October with a beautiful full moon.” shares Gracie.  “Then on Halloween Night we were graced with a Blue Moon, so how could we not call it ‘Pirates of The Blue Moon?’”


The crew of the Black Skull pulled into Port Hollow to share their booty of candy this Halloween.


“At first we thought we would not host Halloween due to Covid,” shares Jack.  “It was Gracie who reminded me that we needed to host Halloween this year, because everyone – including us – needed something to celebrate!”


Children of all ages, were delighted and soon became quite enthusiastic as the Black Skull landed in the yard.  This was soon followed by the docks, the bridge, the boat, and many other props filled in.


Spooky Hollow Experience 2020 light-up showSpooky Hollow’s “Pirates of The Blue Moon” officially kicked off on October 10, 2020, during the 24th Annual Light-up Ceremony.  It was a beautiful autumn Saturday as Jen & Jeremy from Pita Pit of Hudson pulled in at Spooky Hollow.  A couple of hours later, fans and visitors of all ages filled in Maple Street as everyone were social distancing. At the stroke of 6:30 PM, guests were delighted to hear music beginning to play.  Approximately 6 minutes into the music, Captain Gracie and Captain Jack emerged to entertain all those who came to help kick off the Halloween season.


Spooky Hollow Experience 2020light-up show“Normally we do not dress up for the light-up ceremony.  The ceremony was designed so children of all ages could see the display in the day light while counting down to light it all up at dusk.” tells Gracie.  “Nonetheless, it is 2020…Jack and I knew  all of us needed something to celebrate.  Further more, everyone loves Pirates!  Therefore, we must oblige and don on our pirate gear to please the masses!”


Jack and Gracie’s show was a crowd pleaser and if you missed it, well you must have been sailing the seven seas!  It is too bad, because the Captains only performed the show once!


The artisans were surprised once the light-up ceremony was over, so was the nice weather.  October 20, 2020, Nature played her own trick by giving us over 8 inches of snow.  The snow did not melt until Halloween!

"We did not know whether or not we should take everything down as the temperatures dropped and the snow continued to fall." shares Gracie.  "We kept holding our breath while praying all the snow would melt by Halloween."

2020 proved to be another award winning year for Spooky Hollow.  Jack, with Gracie's help, entered the Hudson Ford Trick-or-Truck contest where they won 1st Prize.  Click here to view their award winning display...

Spooky Hollow Experience snow night


New this year: Lucy the Mermaid & her minions, One-Eyed Willie sign, Skeleton flamingos, skeleton turtles, skeleton heads, Jack the Monkey, Message in the Bottle scene, Sharks, Crab shack, Treasure scene, and more!


Pirates of The Blue Moon

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Spooky Hollow's Artisans

Captain Jack & Captain Gracie commandeer Pitas from Jeremy and the Pita Truck before the light-up ceremony.

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