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Help keep Spooky Hollow active

for the next generations to enjoy!


Did you create special memories with your children,

while visiting Spooky Hollow?

Do you want to re-create those precious memories with your grandchildren,

when you bring them to Spooky Hollow?

Only YOU can make that happen by supporting Spooky Hollow today!



Do you remember the two years that Spooky Hollow was shut down? 

You don’t want your children and grandchildren to miss out, do you?

Simply click on the button below to prevent this from happening…


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 The cost to keep Spooky Hollow operating year after year continues to grow.  With the rising prices and the deterioration of props, lighting, etcetera; and the supplies to create more props...we need your help...

Spooky Hollow operates entirely off monetary donations. 

We never charge for viewing or entering Spooky Hollow.

There are 3 ways

for you to help!


Corporate Sponsorship:

Tell your favorite businesses about sponsoring Spooky Hollow!

Please have them contact us...

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Monetary Donation:

Just click on the link below to donate via PayPal or simply donate while visiting Spooky Hollow.

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Donate Items:

Do you have extra or unwanted Halloween décor that you would like to get rid of?  Contact us to see if we can use your unwanted or extra Halloween decorations!  We are always looking for fake / resin pumpkins!!!

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