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The Spirit of The Rose


“Loneliness is the soul’s demise…”

- Victoria Rose


 In the silence of a dark moon autumn night she strolls. You will not hear her footfalls, nor will you hear her breath. Do your eyes deceive you?  Perhaps your ears are betraying you?  Then again, she may just be a figment of your imagination…


Meet Ms. Victoria Rose, a fine woman in her prime.  She was born some where in Minnesota in 1862 and was raised by her father in St. Paul.  As she bloomed into womanhood, her father moved her to Baldwin to live with her Aunt. Her father feared all the city men who sought her hand in marriage.  Fore in those days, her father was considered a wealthy man.


While residing in Baldwin, Victoria’s father had a house built for her.  The house would become Victoria’s dowry; as well as a large sum of money. The house was completed as Ms. Victoria turned fourteen-years-old.  For two years after, the house sat empty.


 Suitor after suitor came and went; none of which captured Victoria’s interest.  Then one day a man showed up at the door.  A man of quite refinement and soon they were seen parading around town together.


At the age of sixteen, Ms. Victoria was wed and the couple moved into the house on 12th Avenue.  A month passed and Victoria’s husband eagerly waited for the dowry, but her father refused. 


Her father, a bright man, saw through the refinement of Victoria’s new husband.  Upon a visit to the couple, he informed them “I shall not sign over the deed to the house nor shall I give you Victoria’s dowry until you have been wed for ten years.”


Feeling scammed by the old man, Victoria’s husband left that very day.  Never would he return to the woman he claimed he loved.


Night after night, Ms. Victoria walked the halls of her beloved house alone.  She could not file for a divorce, for women of those days were not allowed such luxuries.  Nor could she claim to be a widow; for she knew not where her husband was.


From that moment on, Ms. Victoria dedicated herself to her beloved house – The Rose.


If you shall walk by and see the flicker of a candle…

Do not gasp, nor run away…

For it is the Spirit of The Rose…

Ms. Victoria Rose


In 2022, artisans Gracie and Jack paid tribute to the resident ghost at 1080th Avenue – Ms. Victoria Rose in this year’s haunt.


“For over 27 years we have mutually resided with Ms. 2022-Spooky Hollow Experience Copyright Victoria RoseVictoria.” shares Gracie.  “She is a beautiful and gentle soul, one that watches over us with love.”


Even if you do not believe in ghosts, this year’s haunt was eerie as Olde Hollow Cemetery came to life.  The 2022 haunt began on October 10th with the 26th Annual light-up ceremony.


“It was amazing how many people showed up!” shares Jack. “I think we had close to 100 people!”


The night began with Pita Pit of Hudson offering food from their food truck.  A variety of Halloween songs played in the background.  At 6:30, the show began.  This year’s show was narrated by Country Music Entertainer Sylvia.


Playing the part of Ms. Victoria Rose, Gracie dawned on a Victorian costume.  Jack, also dressed in Victorian wear, played the part of the elusive husband.


New items added this year included a tribute to the Ankou, several new skeletons – including three alien skeletons, crows, rats, pumpkins as well as several new hand painted signs.  Yet the most incredible addition was a new tombstone.  A stone hand crafted by Gracie to pay tribute to Ms. Victoria Rose.   

2022 Spirit Of The Rose

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Artisans Jack and Gracie pose with Spooky Hollow's official mascot, Boo.

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