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For centuries…

He helped open doors of the underworld
for those who paid with their soul…


For years…

She was the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans…


This year…

They will arrive at the Hollow…

Come celebrate 23 years of haunting with the residents of Spooky Hollow in...

The Conjuring


Voodoo is only evil if you make it that way…

This year’s theme was based around New Orleans voodoo religion and not on the movie of the same title.


“It is sad the public gathers information from movies and television shows.” solemnly shares Gracie.  “Very few people know how much research Jack and I do in order to create the realistic displays we create for Spooky Hollow.”


Voodoo is an ancient religion with a solid base of Christianity.  Voodoo practitioners call upon the help from many Saints found in the Christian religion.  Unlike what is displayed in the movie “The Skeleton Key,” voodoo is quite a beautiful and peaceful practice.


 For years the artisans longed to create a display with the basis of voodoo.  The practice contains so many interesting characters; none more famous than Papa Legba and Marie Laveau.  Jack took on the role of Papa Legba, who opens doors in the spirit world.  Gracie played Marie Laveau, perhaps the most notorious Voodoo priestess in New Orleans.  Together they created a fun filled Halloween night.

 Spooky Hollow Experience Pita Pit

Spooky Hollow continued it’s tradition of beginning the Halloween season with the annual light-up ceremony.  Joining this year’s ceremony was Pita Pit of Hudson who brought their food truck to make the night even more enjoyable.


Sticking with the New Orleans theme, the Spooky Hollow Express returned.


New this year:  Harry the werewolf joined the cast,  as well as other skeleton creatures.


The Conjuring

Spooky Hollow Experience Artisans

Spooky Hollow's artisans,
Jack and Gracie pose with Fester and the M&M boys.

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Pita Pit of Hudson, WI

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