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Welcome to Port Hollow…

What ye pleasure?


When the air cools and the leaves turn from their greens, a fog gently rolls in.  If one listens close one shall faintly hear…


Land ho… me hearties! Land ho!


A loud splash echoes through the fog with the drop of the anchor.  Docks, that have seen better days, rise to meet the crew of The Black Skull.  Ye best not be a scallywag when messing with this lot or you’ll be caught in Davy Jones’ locker.


‘Tis One-Eyed Willie be serving the grog at this port.  Ye be warned, there be lots of hornswaggle with this lot!


It was in 2013, The Black Scull pirate ship sailed into Spooky Hollow for the first time. In 2023, she was over taken by Pirate Grace O'Malley while she sailed too close to Ireland.  Grace vowed to continue to bring her ship, now called "The White Seahorse," back to Port Hollow every third year. Her crew drop anchor and will stay until the clock turns November 1st.  Then she weighs anchor and hoists the mizzen to sail the seven seas once more...

Do not fear, if you miss ye...

For she returns every third year!

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Port Hollow artisans,
Captain Gracie & Captain Jack with Lucy.

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