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Does Halloween have a spirit?

An icon one can acknowledge?



Throughout the generations, holidays like Halloween have gone through minor transformations.  Halloween, originally called Samhain, has been transformed from the Pagan new year celebrating the harvest to a holiday some call evil. Truth is, the holiday is not evil – only the people who make it evil are evil.


In 2008, a long lost character emerged.  This spirit of Halloween hid within the holiday until he deemed the right time to surface.  His name…




Sammy awoke to remind everyone the rules of the holiday…


  1. Always give candy to trick-or-treaters.
  2. Always wear a costume.
  3. Never extinguish the flame of a jack-o-lantern before midnight.
  4. Respect the dead.


Each year, Sammy visits a new town on Halloween night, ensuring the Halloween spirit is kept alive.  Those who ignore or defy the ancient traditions often meet their doom. His weapon of choice is a jack-o-lantern shaped lollipop, bitten to create a sharp edge. 


In 2010, Sammy made his first appearance at Spooky Hollow Experience.  Satisfied with how Gracie and Jack honored the holiday, he gave them his blessings and moved on.  Nonetheless, he has been back a time or two!


Will Sammy return this year?
Do not be scared if you should find him lurking near…

Beware of Sammy!

Spooky Hollow Experience copyright Sammy

Sammy makes an appearance in 2022.

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