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What an exciting year it was! After having some break-ins in 2006, Jack and Gracie decided to rebuild the fence.  The new renovation proved to be an incredible addition to this ever growing popular Halloween event.  The fence is made up of seven pillars with gargoyles on top.  In between each pillar is a rot iron fence panel.   Each pillar of the fence took nearly 10 hours to build.  Where as each section of iron cost Spooky Hollow $30.00.  Another big addition was the driveway.

"The last week of September we poured concrete in our driveway." states Gracie. "We then took one of our skeletons and walked across it to leave skeleton feet marks in the concrete.  We really didn't have a plan for decorating the driveway, we just threw a bunch of props out there."

Gracie extended her creative talents to building a new animatronic mummy, U.N. Lucky the leprechaun, Festivus (happy every holiday creature) and Pops the pop-up skeleton.  Other additions include skeletons, new tombstones (including the Beatlejuice tombstone) and the pirate boat.  

Theme: Classic Halloween.  Jan played the part of a witch.  Scott played the part of the wolf man.  Matt was in the pit as Frankenstein's monster while new comer Stephanie played the doctor.  Jack and Gracie played parts of ghouls.


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A popular tombstone at Spooky Hollow.

(saying is taken from a tombstone - circa 1861 - from the Historic Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, WI)

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Spooky Hollow resident "D" makes an appearance.

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