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Times beyond times...

Worlds beyond worlds...

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Welcome to Spooky Hollow Experience, we are dying to meet you!


Located forty miles east of St. Paul, Minnesota, in Baldwin, Wisconsin, Spooky Hollow Experience is Western Wisconsin’s most award winning Home Haunt. 


What is a home haunt? 
A home haunt is a where the home owners decorate their yards and out buildings for Halloween.


Since 1996, Gracie and Jack have created an authentic Halloween masterpiece with Spooky Hollow Experience.  Utilizing three different tableaus - Jack's Pumpkin Patch, Olde Hollow Cemetery, and Port Hollow -  each year provides an unfamiliar experience, even to those who are well acquainted with Spooky Hollow.


If you are looking for a fear factor, you will not find it at Spooky Hollow Experience.  As one guest called it – “This [Spooky Hollow] is a work of art! The detail the owners put into it is beyond what you would expect, especially at a home!”


Artistically defined, that is what Gracie and Jack strive for. With years of Art research, Gracie is the residential artisan who creates realistic Halloween designed pieces.  Jack brings his mechanical mind to help boost the tableau to a display surpassing professional haunts.

“I love all of the stories!” shared another guest.  “You can tell how much research they have done on Halloween.  Spooky Hollow is the best!”


The season begins October 10th with the Annual Light-Up ceremony.  This ceremony is not just a flip of a switch!  The night starts at 6 PM with music and dinner, provided by a local food truck.  At 6:30 PM, a small three to five minute show begins.  The show sets the scene for the current theme for the year.  This is followed by story time.  Dressed in costume, Gracie shares various stories about Halloween, Samhain, Spooky Hollow, and the new additions for the year.  At 7 PM, guests are encouraged to countdown towards the first lighting of the season!


From October 10th through to Halloween, Spooky Hollow is lit up each night. Click here for hours. You best visit within that time, because come November 1st – the display is completely gone and put away until next Halloween Season!


Come to Spooky Hollow to experience an extraordinary,

multi-award winning, Home Haunt!
You will not be disappointed!

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Spooky Hollow Experience Owners
Jack, Boo, & Gracie
(Pictured with one of Gracie's creations)

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Dressed as Victoria Rose, Gracie tells a story during Spooky Hollow's Annual Light-up Ceremony in 2022.
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Contact us if you wish to bring your party by Spooky Hollow, to schedule a date and time.  Also, we are willing to allow weddings ceremonies and or special photography sessions for a small fee.


Spooky Hollow may use foggers, flashing lights and loud music.  Sensitive people are advised to please visit at your own risk. We will not turn off these devices as they are part of the experience.

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