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On a moon lit night…

A drive along the country side.

You come upon a startling sight.

An old horse slowly pulls a rickety wagon…

Its driver, a man bent over from age.

You best show respect…

If you don’t…

He will take your soul!

For you have just met…

The Ankou!



Superstition, you may ask?  Quite wrong you see.  The Ankou is more real than you may believe.


We find the hidden stories of the Ankou in Celtic mythology.  He was the soul collector, much like the more known Banshee of Ireland.  He is depicted as an old man wearing black clothing with a black wide rim hat.  He is often seen driving an old horse pulling a rickety old wagon.  Most who come upon him find him pulled to the side of the road; trying to fix a broken axle.  If you should stop and lend him a hand, he shall spare your soul.  Pass him by, and you shall die within twenty-four hours.


The Ankou is also found within the tales from the Victorian era.  When a parcel of land was claimed and consecrated as a cemetery, or city of the dead, an unfortunate person was buried alive in the first grave.  It is believed this soul would become the Ankou – or a ghostly guardian.  This tormented soul would serve as the protector of those buried in the cemetery. The tormented spirit works to frighten off others, dead or alive, who fail to show respect. It is the Ankou’s curse to ensure the peace of the departed shall not be disturbed.


Both tales have become the foundation to the legendary story of the Boogie Man!

When you come to Spooky Hollow Experience or visit a city of the dead, it is best you pay reverence to the Ankou. Failure to do so…


The Ankou may claim you!

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The artisans pay tribute to the Ankou with Gracie's handmade statue.

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