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25 years ago…

Three sisters emerged from the depths of hell

to carry out their evil plan and remain on earth to torment Salem for all eternity.


25 years ago…

Two kids fell in love…

and vowed in marriage for all eternity.


22 years ago…

The two kids helped the residents of a hidden and forgotten haunted town emerge…


This year…

come celebrate 22 years of haunting with the residents of…

Spooky Hollow…

If you were to ask Jack and Gracie what their favorite movies to watch to get into the Halloween Spirit… they would list off a bunch.  Among the list they would share is Hocus Pocus.  Twenty-five years ago, Disney released three witches called the Sanderson sisters.  As Jack and Gracie celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, they chose to celebrate the movie Hocus Pocus as this year’s theme.


What most people did not know is that Disney released a book which included a sequel to the movie.  Basing this year’s theme on Hocus Pocus II, Jack dressed up as Max Dennison and Gracie played the role of Winifred Sanderson. Visitors were treated to all kinds of tricks from Jack and Gracie while they played their roles well.


“This is one of my all time favorite movies! The movie consists of all there is about Halloween…” tells Gracie.  “I have always wanted to create and host the Hocus Pocus theme.  However, we tend to shy away from such notable movies due to the difficulty of bringing them to life with our meager funds.”


New this year – Loretta the witch, several more pumpkins, several more skeleton creatures, a new sign as well as other small items.  Perhaps the favorite new item was the Sanderson Sisters tombstone, which was completely hand built by Gracie several days before the Annual Light-Up ceremony.


“It was a lot of fun doing the Hocus Pocus theme this year.” adds Jack.  “So many people knew exactly who we were!”

Spooky Hollow Experience 2018 costume contest winners
2018 Costume Contest winners.

The costume contest provided an additional fun as corporate donations brought in wonderful prizes by Pita Pit in Hudson, Wisconsin, and St. Croix Chocolate Co. in Marine on the St. Croix, Minnesota.  Additional prizes included the Hocus Pocus movie and the new Hocus Pocus book.


It's Not Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

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Jack & Gracie, the artisans and creators of Spooky Hollow Experience pose in front of the Sanderson Sisters tombstone.

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