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Jack and Gracie worked very hard on this year's Halloween display and it paid off.  Spooky Hollow entered in the WB Creepy Crib contest and took 1st prize!  The big addition for this year was the Spooky Hollow Express train.  The train was hand built by Jack and Gracie.  Other additions include a working railroad crossing sign, railroad track, gargoyles, two new mummies, skeletons and pumpkins.  This was the first year that Spooky Hollow decorated a tree with bats and a ghost.  This is also the first year in which many of the tombstones underwent a major renovation to make them look more realistic.  More renovation was also done to the stock to make it look more realistic.  We also added a stock for our guests to use to take their photograph in.

Theme: Spooky Hollow Express.  This year was the first year that we were able to finalize our crew and call them the Boo Crew.  The Boo Crew consists of Jack, Gracie, Jan, Scott and Matt.  Jan and Scott were dressed as a skeleton bride and groom.  Gracie played the part of the skeleton conductor.  We also gained help from Chris and his wife.


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