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On the 13th night of the 13th year on all hallows eve...

when the moon is full shining upon the

various children dressed as ghosts and goblins,
an unimaginable event begins to unfold.

The night of all nights - Armageddon...


This year was a bazaar year when it came to the weather.  In September we had August weather and in October we had November weather.  Therefore, it was difficult at times to get things built and ready for Spooky Hollow's 13th Night!


"We would have one day out ten that was nice enough to work on this year's event." states Gracie.  "We were lucky enough to begin setting up in September.  We needed it!"


Spooky Hollow had seen several days of snow in the month of October.


"It reminded me of the Halloween Blizzard of 1991!" states Jack.  "I'm so glad that we put the pit up on Labor Day!"


The 13th anniversary is one of the biggest for haunted houses. This year, the artisans added several new items.  Including a new mausoleum, twelve new skeletons, twenty-one new tombstones (including one that contained a talking head), and a new lighting system.  Several new additions to the pit were added.  Such as three new sconces, a working bell tower, and a new addition to the entrance.  Gracie spent the year creating a new "Pumpkin Man," "Stretch," cemetery sign, witch's stand with book, and a new witch's cauldron.  Jack focused on another coffin and the additions to the pit.  New store bought props included "Hexy" and it was the first year the alien was displayed.


"I bought the alien several years ago." states Gracie.  "However, we never put him out.  We have so many props like that."


Last year, O'Connell's Funeral Home donated 5 quarter coffins.  This year was the first year that they were displayed. This year, an anonymous person dropped off a gross looking skeleton that was sure a hit.


The 13th Night...

Spooky Hollow Experience

The gates of Hell have opened!

Spooky Hollow Experience 2009

Evil is upon us!


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