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A cemetery is not just a place to bury the dead.

Within its walls lies the history that only the living shall never know.

Upon the stones, so gallantly written,
are the names of the ancestors…

Those who made our lives a bit effortless.

Do we honor them with a mere visit?



The core tradition of Halloween, Samhain, is taking a moment to honor those whom have gone before us.  For it is through their suffering we may live a far better life. 


You may believe that Spooky Hollow Experience is nothing more than a yard filled with seasonal décor.  Nonetheless, within the gates rests the virtue of its artisans.


Upon visitation, one shall read the epitaphs of many known and unknown.  A few provide a laugh, while others make you contemplate.  A special stone honors the house for which property Spooky Hollow Experience resides on.  Another marks the years passed.


Ghouls and goblins, skeletons and more roam the grounds to provide a bit of startle.  No worries, for this Cemetery is protected.  By whom, you shall ask?  Why the Ankou… that’s who!


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Spooky Hollow Experience Artisans
Jack and Gracie pose near one of the many handmade tombstones at
Olde Hollow Cemetery (TM) 2022.

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