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This Halloween night don't get scared!
The Cirque has arrived at Spooky Hollow!
Are you brave enough to enter the Cirque? 
Do you think you can survive?
Come and see... 


What a bizarre year 2011 was.  Through out the month of October we were treated with some of the most beautiful weather we have ever had in a long time.  The temperatures were way above normal.  This year was also a hard year for the artisans, due to the fact that money was an issue.  We lost several of our sponsors which created a shortage of funds.  However, we compensated by hosting aluminum can drives.  Even with the cans the artisans were limited to what they could create.  But, what they did create soon became a masterpiece of fear.


In the silence of the night, when darkness prevails, somewhere a clock strikes midnight.  Off into the distance we heard a sound.  Is it a train? No.  Is it a plane? No. What could it be, we asked?  It was our old friends coming back for another wonderful month of haunted fun.  With the bats taking their perch upon the Catalpa tree, the tombstones rising from under the ground, the pumpkins breaking through the dirt and all the skeletons playing amongst the graveyard – it was once again Halloween on the corner of 12th Avenue and Maple Street.  We spent until the wee hours of the morning visiting with all of our ghoul friends, catching up on old times.


We were almost ready to retire for the evening, morning, when we heard another bizarre sound.  We all looked at each other in question of what was coming down the road.  But, soon we understood what the sound was.  It was the calipee music emulating from a circus that was coming into town.  The circus soon began setting up across the street.  But, the ghouls, skeletons and goblins of Spooky Hollow would not stand for that.  In minutes they over took the circus and brought it to Spooky Hollow. 


Welcome to Spooky Hollow’s Cirque Du Hollow…


This is the first time that Spooky Hollow ever did a circus theme.  It has always been a dream among the artisans of Spooky Hollow.  Finally in 2011, the artisans agreed “It was time to show the world what a circus would look like at Spooky Hollow.”  With that, they added a freak show with a fortune teller and Siamese twins.  In the middle of the graveyard was a circus ring.  The ring leader was training two cats and a zombie dog to do tricks, while rats were watching and laughing.  Off to the right, a skeleton was cutting another skeleton in half.  In the windows were a jester and a magician with an evil clown watching over.  Two skeletons were juggling balls, while two more were sword swallowers.   But the true evil lingered in the Pit and the Mausoleum.  It was an evil to over come and to face your fears.


October 1st brought a new event at Spooky Hollow – the pre-Halloween garage sale.  The artisans tried to host this event to help families who could not afford costumes while raising funds for Spooky Hollow.  However, the event turned out to be a bust.  A local merchant purchased majority of the costumes which made us close early.  The decision was made to never host this event again.


No worry, it was still a night to remember as we hosted our 2nd Annual Light-Up ceremony.  Gracie told the story of Spooky Hollow as guests listened in.  As darkness arrived, the count down began and with that the lights of the 16th Annual Spooky Hollow Spooktacular were turned on.


2011 was sure to become a great year for Spooky Hollow.  But that was soon halted.  For 16 years, Spooky Hollow has hosted a Friday and Saturday night light-up.  We have never had the buildings open prior to Halloween night.  However, every person who came on these nights believed that the buildings were open.  Many of which tried to break into the Mausoleum.  Soon, the artisans placed a chain across the entrance with a big sign that read “Open October 31st at 7 P.M.”  That still didn’t stop guests from trying to break in.


“The Wednesday prior to Halloween, I caught a UPS driver trying to break in.” states Gracie.  “This was even after I called UPS and told them how to get into Spooky Hollow. They stated that they would hold the packages at their hub in Baldwin.  The UPS driver jumped the fence and was pushing on the entrance door when I caught him.  When I asked what he was doing he stated “the other gate was locked.” I can certainly tell you that the stupidity level was very high this year.”


That was not the only break in that Spooky Hollow had.  We caught a nine year old shaking the main gate to the point that he almost had the entire fence down.  Two days later we caught a eleven year old trying to knock a bird nest out of our tree.  The artisans were going to build a skull to place in the bird nest.  The nest and tree were damaged.  But the biggest surprise came the night of Halloween…


As night began to fall on Halloween, we began with our annual costume contest.  Amongst our guests we did find a few unique costumes.  However, the best costumes came two hours after the contest.  When the show started Gracie was on top of the Pit, she could not hear the music because of 30 tweens screaming in annoyance.  The show also brought Gracie on top of the Mausoleum. 


Last year, the artisans made the decision to ban their first person from ever stepping foot in Spooky Hollow.  This person was notified by one of Spooky Hollow’s helpers.  However, on Halloween night this person showed up.  Gracie told this person “you are banned for life, you need to leave and never come back.”  This person called the Baldwin Police on Spooky Hollow.  Jack and Gracie were surprised to find this had happened.  When in actuality, they should have called the Police on several teenagers who were assaulting many of Spooky Hollow’s helpers.  Many changes will be made in 2012 to stop teenagers from destroying a fun family event.


In the end, the artisans and the Boo Crew created and conducted one of the most successful Spooky Hollows yet.  Cirque Du Hollow went down in the books as one of the most scary and evil themes in Spooky Hollow history!  Tune in to next year to see if we can top this!


Cirque Du Hollow

Spooky Hollow Experience see you next year

When all is said and done..

And the guests, ghouls and goblins have moved on...

Until next year, we bid farewell...

Goodnight to one and goodnight to all...


2011 Sponsored By:


Strictly Country Magazine

V & A Storage

Aves Studio, LLC


Corporate Donation By:


County Market – Hudson


Costume Contest Donations By:


Arby's of Hudson

Papa Murphy's of New Richmond

Designs For You By Erica

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