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This year was difficult for Spooky Hollow due to the attacks of September 11th.  There were rumors that the village was going to stop Halloween.  However, Spooky Hollow reassured trick-or-treaters with a bigger display.


The big addition this year was the pit, a building that was built over an existing 10 foot x 10 foot deck. Spooky Hollow used this addition to enhance a freakier place to scare trick-or-treaters, by making them walk into the pit.  Other additions included an electric chair, more skeletons, tombstones, ghouls, foggers and a large coffin. Gracie continued to enhanced her creative talent by building a headless horseman.


This was the first year that we had outside help.  Dan helped us in the pit for two years. This was also the first year that we had a donation box to raise funds to offset the costs to run such an elaborate haunted display.


Please note: black plastic can really enhance the spooky feeling.


Theme: general Halloween.  Jack walked around while Gracie was dressed all in black and lying in the large coffin.  When trick-or-treaters walked up into the pit, Gracie would jump out and scare them. Dan was in the pit dressed as Dracula.


Story: "I was lying in this coffin that was leaning up against the pit." states Gracie. "This man walked up to me.  Jack was standing next to me.  The man, dressed in the Scream mask, kept getting closer to me to see if I was real.  I know that I was shaking because I was laughing so hard.  I knew what he was going to do when I jumped out.  I waited until he was really close and I jumped out and screamed 'I'm going to get you!'  He jumped and ran.  He came back and shook my hand to thank me for scaring him.  He stated that 'no one ever gets me.'  It's one of my favorite Halloween stories."


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