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In a small village, located in a small mid-western state there is an old house called The Rose.  It was built with love in 1876 and moved into its current location in 1910.  The house was haunted with the past as it was forgotten in the here and now. 


Then one day a couple, named Jack and Gracie, bought The Rose.  They moved into this old house and gave it the love it so desired.


One day, Jack & Gracie went on a drive.  Around the area they explored.  Here and there, they journeyed across the land.  They happened upon a road paved in gravel and hidden beyond the old trees.  They proceeded on, to see where this untraveled path would take them.  Up to their surprise, the road led them to a forgotten village called Spooky Hollow.


Their hearts and souls were filled with fear as the residents of Spooky Hollow gathered around them.  There were ghosts, goblins, skeletons, werewolves, vampires, witches and more!  Shall they be eaten alive?  Will their blood be sucked out, to leave them dry?  Shall a curse be placed upon them for entering? What shall happen to this couple, who so innocently happened upon this forgotten village?


The fear in their hearts intensified as they tried to negotiate for their freedom…


Jack & Gracie soon found out the residents of Spooky Hollow were not at all scary!  In fact, they were quite nice and even friendly.  The residents were actually somber, low-spirited and down right depressed because for years, humans had forgotten all about them come Halloween.  These creatures whom so cheerfully and gleefully walked the towns on Halloween were told they were not wanted any more. Humans called them evil and forced them to leave their towns.


With broken and sadden hearts, they come to gather and create their own hidden towns all around the world.  This town they created in Wisconsin was appropriately named Spooky Hollow as it was built and hidden in a low lying area.


With hearts that weighed so heavy, Jack & Gracie invited the residents to stay at The Rose for the month of October.  They invited Spooky Hollow’s residents to come, play, scare, frolic and share their vast talents on Halloween.  For Jack & Gracie enjoyed the holiday as it was meant to be enjoyed and celebrated.


In honor of Jack & Gracie's invitation, the residents of Spooky Hollow granted them their freedom to leave their little village.  But when the clock struck mid-night on October 1st, The Rose yard was filled with the residents of Spooky Hollow as they waited for Halloween to arrive.


Since that fateful day in 1996, Jack & Gracie have honored their agreement with the residents of Spooky Hollow in an annual event called Spooky Hollow Experience.  Each year, the couple is honored and surprised as to which residents will show up for Halloween.


The night is dark as dark can be as the bats who reside in Spooky Hollow show up to perch upon the branches of the Catalpa tree located on the corner of 12th and Maple Street.  With a little rumbling, the ground begins to shake and open.  Through the cracks the pumpkin patch arrives.  Over 200 pumpkins are lit and ready to dance upon the music provided by Jack & Gracie.


One, two, three… soon you will see the vast array of skeletons as they march into place.


Ahoy, there matey!  Look down yonder and you will see The White Seahorse as she makes her way into port.


Look both ways, including up and down, as you never know when the Hollow Express with come into town!


At Spooky Hollow Experience, it is not just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!  The residents refuse to give in and give up on the holiday they so represent.  For the holiday itself is not evil.


Jack & Gracie offer this event and invite you to share the experience they had so many years ago…

an experience in a town called Spooky Hollow.


For when the clock strikes mid-night on November 1st, the winds of seasonal change gather the ghouls, skeletons, pumpkins, cemetery, bats and return them to their small village that is located in a small mid-western state until next Halloween…

The History of Spooky Hollow Exp.

Spooky Hollow Exp. (Experience) began in 1996 with a simple Halloween yard display with a small haunted house.  Located at 1080 12th Avenue in Baldwin, Wisconsin, each year brought more additions to create one of Western Wisconsin’s must see and Award Winning Halloween display and Haunted House walk through.  Each year the display has grown to incorporate a sense of realism that allows you to emerge yourself within. 


Spooky Hollow Experience award

In 2015 the owners, Jack & Gracie, announced their retirement from creating such an elaborate display and Haunted House walk through.  The reason behind the retirement was the mentality of the visitors had changed.  Those visiting Spooky Hollow went from pure enjoyment to pure destruction, while leaving Jack & Gracie to pick up the pieces.


After careful consideration, in 2017 Jack & Gracie, decided to return.  However, this time they would return to the roots of what Spooky Hollow once was – an award winning and very authentic Halloween display.  Gone is the Haunted House, nonetheless in its place is a very realistic display.  One that will make even the oldest visitor return to their childhood wonder!

In 2020, Jack & Gracie entered into a contest hosted by Jack's employer Hudson Ford.  With their creative minds, they took first place. Earning them another award for their creativity.


Visitors From Around The World


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