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What would Halloween be…

Without candy?


   Among the crowds of trick-or-treaters, you may encounter one or two famous people. For through the years many distinguished guests have visited Spooky Hollow. In 2010, two of the most notorious people appeared.

   The artisans were approached by what they believed were two kids dressed up cleverly as the infamous M&M guys. However, when they asked the kids about their costumes they determined these two kids were indeed Plain and Peanut M&M!

   “We heard this is the hot spot to trick-or-treat!” shared Plain.

   Peanut chimed in, “So, we got into our costumes and here we are!”

   Unfortunately for Peanut, he was attacked by two of our resident skeletons.  Although this attack did not harm Peanut, it did expose his nut. In spite of this, Plain and Peanut continue to make their appearances at Spooky Hollow, for we have given them an open invitation.


Will they make an appearance this year?

You will have to come and see!

Peanut & Plain
trick-or-treat at Spooky Hollow Experience!

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